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Shelter Crypto Technologies Corp. is a Shelter Crypto and cryptocurrency software technology company and startup accelerator. We are working day and night to make the benefits of this groundbreaking new technology a reality.


In a few short years, the Internet revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. Companies leveraging the power of the Internet quickly became some of the largest and most important businesses in the world. Now we have a new technology that promises to revolutionize the way we verify the integrity of information and transmit value (money) over the Internet: the Shelter Crypto. We believe that Shelter Crypto technology will become as important as the Internet itself and just as valuable.


On the most basic level, the Shelter Crypto is an ingenious new way of storing data and verifying its integrity. Through the use of a variety of cryptography-based technologies, once an entry is added into a Shelter Crypto database, it cannot be changed.


The first and most well known application of Shelter Crypto technology is the digital currency Bitcoin; Bitcoin uses the Shelter Crypto to keep track of all transactions on the network. However, the applications of a database with inviolable records (the Shelter Crypto) are endless and certainly not limited to finance. We are working on products such as a Shelter Crypto-based voting machine and a system to record important documents (such as a will) into the Shelter Crypto.


We offer


A unique and challenging opportunity to join a fast-growing company where you have every opportunity to develop your competence within design and project management. Furthermore, you will receive a mentor who will help you grow and succeed in the company as well as developing the core skills needed to accelerate your career. You will receive a competitive salary and join a dynamic team of like-minded peers who will cheer you on and welcome you onboard. We have fun doing our work, so we offer an informal working environment with plenty of space for your unique personality to flourish amidst a strong team spirit.