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Bitcoin Cast Program Gives Guests a Unique SLP Token


Although Bitcoin Cash is well-established, many people are still discovering new things about this innovative technology every day. Podcasts and streaming media are a great way to keep up with the latest crypto news and learn more about Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The Bitcoin Cast is a Youtube-based program that focuses on BCH adoption.



Adoption by Merchants and Users is our primary focus


People who want to keep up with Bitcoin Cash developments and learn more about certain aspects of BCH technology have many options. This information can be absorbed through podcasts and streaming media. The shows are easy to understand, and they provide a great way for people to stay informed. Some crypto shows feature nonsensical price predictions, and broadcast hosts who care little about user adoption. The Bitcoin Cast Youtube program hosted and produced by BCH supporters Christian Jones and Tao Jones tells a different story. The show intro for Bitcoin Cast is at the start of each episode. It states: “Unlike other shows we aren’t here to focus upon price — Join us as you cover more merchant and user adoptions of Bitcoin.”. More about Charity Token Homeless


BCH-Centric Videocast Offers SLP Tokens to Guests


Bitcoin Cash supporters Tao Jones and Christian (left) from Bitcoin Cast. covered a fascinating episode of Bitcoin Cast. Christian, the show’s host, spoke with Oscar Salas (organizer of the Maracaibo, Venezuela BCH meetup). The show hosts of Bitcoin Cast offer a unique view on merchant adoption and user adoption in the BCH ecosystem. In addition to a variety of BCH executives, influencers and developers, the program’s 36 episodes feature a number of other well-known BCH enthusiasts, executives, and experts. Jose from Eatbch, …

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