Resizable tables at เเทงหวยออนไลน์

Those of you who were railing that 1k tournament on เเทงหวยออนไลน์ hard enough may have seen Lee Jones mention something about implementing resizable tables in the chat box. They didn’t update their software, but it shouldn’t be to long. Someone on two plus two emailed pokerstars about it a few days ago and got this response:
New layout in the works
I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m tired of this orange/blue three column layout. I’ve been working on a new layout for the past few days which should be sick. It’s pretty simple looking but filled with a bunch of cool features. I should have it up by tomorrow night.
The new layout’s going to be two columns this time. Authors are still going to have their own blogs, but it will be displayed with their user name on top and a link to their individual RSS feed. So if you want to updated on when a certain user posts, just add their feed to whatever feed reader you use. Or you can register to the whole sites feed from a link in the footer.
I finally figured out how to do automatic avatars! You won’t have to manually add them in this time, and you can change them whenever you want from the user panel. The avatars are automatically re-sized to 50×50.
Another cool feature is categorized archives. I sorted all 100 and something posts on this site into different categories, so now you’ll be able to browse by date, author, and category. The default category is poker, but Bloggers can specify other ones for their posts.
I’m getting rid of the chat box for good this time. Sorry, but it has to be done. It’s to much work to keep up with and it’s rarely used. From now on you’ll have to talk to each other or make comments via commenting on a post. I’m also getting rid of a few other things cluttering up the sidebar.
CasinoRoom Owns!
I’ve been playing at CasinoRoom, which is PokerRooms new online casino. Their layout is so much better then other online casino’s. The lobby and tables are set up like poker rooms, where you can choose tables, sit with other players, railbird, and chat. I’ve bonus chased at a bunch of online casino’s and none of them are this good.
By the way, the CasinoRoom promotion code is MACJACK for a 100% up to a $100 bonus. This promotion code should be used upon signing up for CasinoRoom and will take effect on your first deposit.
But even better then playing is watching. I have way to much fun watching people lose money. Is that a bad thing? Earlier I saw that someone had a $6,000 stack at a blackjack table. I opened the table up and he was playing all 5 seats at $200 per hand. Woo! He ended up losing it in less then 5 minutes after the dealer got blackjack 3 times in a row. It was almost as exciting as watching neverheeb play $100/$200 on poker stars.
It seems like at every blackjack table the players just keep playing till they go broke. It’s like a site full of players trying to heeb up a bankroll, and most won’t stop till they go broke. I wish they would play poker.
They have other casino games, but there’s usually just a bunch of low stakes players. Blackjack is like the Holdem poker of casino games. Anyway, it’s really a lot of fun and works on a Mac! Here’s a full CasinoRoom Review, and reviews of other quality Mac casinos.