Movie Scheduling: Method To The Madness

So how do some movies end on some weekends? There are approximately 150 large versions of programming art and science each year. This is the first time we have watched a movie: background, part of the story, partial explanation and a certain degree of suspicion and criticism.


This weekend is the perfect example of a North American film show. On April 1st, three films from three different studios representing three types and different audiences were opened. The GM (comedy combined with animation and real people) is for children and families, while the adult is attacked by newcomers to the sci-fi thriller source code FilmDistrict.


Running a movie site in a large version is an expensive proposition, usually costing about $50 million in marketing. With every new release, the studio is in jeopardy, the career is in front of the shares, behind the camera, and, most importantly, the marketing department and the distribution studio must maximize the return on film investment between $50. . And $150 million. Production (in most cases, but sometimes more, sometimes less). Despite all this, the same studio doesn’t come out with two films on the same weekend each other, and more importantly, prevents each studio from launching a pair of similar types from another studio.


Its essence is very simple. Why did you launch a good action movie in the same weekend with another studio action movie? It is the same type of animation, serious drama, horror or any other name that can be named. Why, as the studio manager said, if he doesn’t need it, will we stupidly separate certain types of viewers? Even if we are as stupid as the type of TV that usually plays similar programs to each other, the executive can continue. Moved, director. We will leave it to another column.


When three different types are open to each other, the industry maximizes everyone’s chances of success and avoids the possibility of mutual destruction.


So, how was Hop completed on April 1st? First of all, its theme is naturally placed near Easter. As Easter later this year, it placed the film somewhere in April. In the year of DreamWorks, the launch of the family movie was a huge success (how to train his dragon to 440,000 yuan and the monster to open the 26/03/2010 war aliens opened on March 27, 2009 for $590,000) However, this study did not repeat this strategy and provided an openness to the world. This weekend, two years ago, he was very fortunate to Universal, because on April 4, 2009, he opened “speed and passion” for $71 million, which surprised everyone. Don’t underestimate the power of the predecessor and the boss. As Mitch Salem pointed out in his description of Hop, the upcoming Rio de Janeiro cartoon.


The next element of film programming is the chicken game. If a study requires a specific date, you can test the conditions to determine if the competitor will follow the date. At one extreme, the study may publicly announce the date of publication. Unless the film is a success or a sequel, it can be risky because another studio can place a larger movie on that date and publicly reorganize the publishing strategy. Most likely, a study can send a test balloon to see the “city” response. Although film companies can’t directly talk about the release date (due to antitrust laws), they can send launch plan agents, and even research companies to conduct follow-up research with consumers looking at the next movie. In this way, a complex information network about the release schedule was created, and the studio had large bulletin boards in the conference room to track the competitors they heard or understood. The title of the movie is printed on a small poster (think of something bigger than a 3×5 card) that can be moved from one part of the wall calendar to another. These launch schedules can enclose two walls or more war rooms.


If a study announces a specific date for an action movie, just wait. Another study is against a very successful action movie? A weak action movie is bad for her? If the studio likes the possibility of a movie in front of it, it can wait a little longer to see if other studios are flashing. This has been going on for 51 weeks. Wait, 51 weekends? Keep in mind that the movie is appearing in the first week of the New Year, which is a great week to continue the box office success in December, but the time to launch a new movie is not good because the TV is difficult to reach and other media.


So what have we learned? The preview plan is based on some science (monitoring the public behavior of weekends and similar movies) and many art (most intangible assets such as instinct, creative assessment and the most courageous)). There are rules (the weekend of April 1 is a perfect example of a carefully managed game), but when the rules are broken, joy comes. For example, in the following week is a rare confrontation between two films of the same type (in this case, His Royal Highness Arthur to Warner Bros. and Universal). We have the potential, the studio often avoids success: demolition derby fun. Unless you work for a research. Next week (maybe Wednesday), we will see how this strange face was born.