Energy pouches

Like energy drinks and Energy pouches by Vimgo? 



Well, so do we…problem is we’re tired of not knowing what the hell is worth shelling out our hard earned $1.99 for and what is going to leave us licking a toilet bowl in a desperate attempt to remove a foul taste from our mouths.  This is why we have decided to take one for the team.  Our goal here is to sample EVERYTHING out there that is energy related to give you folks out in internet land an idea of what to try, and what to avoid like a dog turd on a hot day.  We aren’t promising anything other than if we get it, we’ll finish it… matter how bad it really is.  Just remember this is our opinion so if you agree with us great, if not, it happens.  Everyone has a different idea of what is good, and what is not.  We’re just trying to save you a few bucks by doing some of the leg work for you.


So who are we you ask, and why should you listen to a damn thing we have to say about Energy pouches?  Well in short, we’re just a few dudes with a little extra time on our hands.  We are athletes, students, sys admins, computer geeks, married guys, single guys, gamers and partiers.  We are basically average guys in Austin, Texas that are for one reason or another in need of a little energy boost every so often. We started trying different stuff on the market and decided to pool our experiences into one place to keep others from making the same bad purchase we have made.


If you know of something we have not tried yet drop us an e-mail and let us know.  If you are an energy product company with something you would like to have reviewed feel free to contact us…we are always looking for new stuff.


So browse the site, see what we have to say.  We are always getting products sent to us so check back often for new reviews!


Right now the site is under pretty heavy construction…..we have big plans and LOTS of reviews that are not yet up….please bare with us as we grow and update!


Penguin Energy Gum Kola


Not bad….that’s a pretty accurate description of Penguin’s Kola flavored energy gun.  Start off with Bazooka Joe bubble gum, dilute the flavor, add some cinnamon, mix with a pinch of kola nut, and there you go….And odd mix to be sure, but really it’s not bad at all.  It’s definitely a strange mix of flavors and not something I would expect out of a piece of gum, but there we have it.  It’s a superbly “OK” piece of gum…not something I will remember for being great, not something I will remember for being bad…it’s just kind of there.  The weird mix might be something that makes it stand out, but I’m just not sure if it’s something that many folks would be looking for when they pop a piece of gum in their mouths.  The one good thing about this stuff however is that the sugar free taste is very subdued…..It’s not nearly as noticeable as it is in the Penguin Citrus.  The odd mix of flavors really helps to hide it which I REALLY appreciated.


The power of the Penguin gum is not really able to hang with the big boys.  One piece of Jolt gum felt way more powerful than the 3 pieces of Penguin gum I popped.  I think that if the content of energy producing herbs were a bit stronger, or if a bit of caffeine was thrown in for good measure this stuff would hold its own.  As it sits, Penguin Kola only relies on Ginseng to give it a kick, and without upping the dosage it just doesn’t have what it takes to be a strong energy product.


Over all the flavor is ok, but don’t rely on this to keep you going or wake your ass up.




I got this stuff a while back and it disappeared on me…..totally vanished till I found it in an empty (or so I thought) box.  I had been really bummed too because I was so excited about getting to try out the worlds first (and probably only) caffeinated lip balm.  I mean come on…caffeinated lip balm!!  You can get a caffeine fix when you aren’t hungry OR thirsty here…  Seriously, think about it…I mean if you HAVE to use lip balm, might as well get a nice dose of caffeine while you’re at it right?


Look at it like this guys…how many of you out there can seriously put on FLAVORED lip balm and NOT question your sexuality?  Oh sure you MAY have a tube of bubblegum flavored “Lip protection” but I bet you sure as hell wouldn’t be letting your frat buddies know now would ‘ya?  I didn’t think so….  So let it be known that from this day forth putting on “Orange Cream” or “Vanilla Toffee” will be ranked right up there with chainsaws, V8’s and concrete.  Damn straight…this stuff is a MANS lip balm.  We are talking shotguns and beer, not Hello Kitty and purses anymore.   If anybody were to give you crap about glossing up your lips with something that was flavored “Orange Cream” “Chocolate, “Mint”, or “Vanilla Toffee” you could just shove it in their face and say “listen biatch this is caffeine….CAFFEINE!!” and they can just back the hell down.  This isn’t all sugar and sweetness…we are talking mind altering substances here.


So now you are (may) be wondering how this stuff tastes and works.  Well, it’s lip balm, not candy so taste is pretty irrelevant.  It’s more of a suggestion, but to answer the question, it’s ok….I mean it has flavor but I am not about to bite into it to really get the full experience.  I’m honestly ok with any of the ones I tried, but mint is probably number one for me just because it’s simple.   The power of the stuff is hard to quantify.  I put it on and within a minute or two I definitely got a kick…a very noticeable one too.  I’m not sure if it was actually as strong as I thought or of I just notice it more because I’m amazed as hell to get something out of a tube of lip balm…at any rate, I noticed it and definitely perked up…so score one for the Spazzstick guys.  You will definitely be able to find one in my car and close at hand if not on my person from here on out….I mean seriously, it’s LIP BALM with freakin’ CAFFEINE.