Everest- keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards

With the start of May just a couple of days ago, it’s time for keluar sgp to start looking at a new website for their leaderboards. Every Monday I will be updating the Everest Poker Leaderboard right here on FlopTurnRiver. With that being said, lets take a look at what Everest Poker has to offer for their Monthly MTT’s and Weekley Sit & Go Hi/Low Tournaments.
Everest Poker rewards it’s players with a program called Summit Points. For each $1 in tournament entry fees, for both single and multi-table
tournaments, you earn 8 Summit Points. There’s even no limit for how many Summit Points you can earn for every tournament.

Summit Points can be redeemed for entries into real money tournaments and can even be used to play at their “Points for Points” tables and tournaments.

Let’s take a look at the prize payouts for each of these tournaments…

Weekly Sit & Go High Tournaments

1st place – 80,000 Summit Points
2nd place – 40,000 Summit Points
3rd place – 20,000 Summit Points
4th place – 10,000 Summit Points
5th – 10th place – 7,500 Summit Points

Weekly Sit & Go Low Tournaments

1st place – 15,000 Summit Points
2nd place – 10,000 Summit Points
3rd place – 7,500 Summit Points
4th place – 5,000 Summit Points
5th – 10th place – 2,000 Summit Points

Monthly Multi-Table Tournaments

1st place – 160,000 Summit Points
2nd place – 80,000 Summit Points
3rd place – 40,000 Summit Points
4th place – 20,000 Summit Points
5th – 10th place – 15,000 Summit Points

With all these Summit Points being given away, there is a great potential at Everest Poker to not only get recognition in the online poker world,
but also an outstanding opportunity to get to play in some tournaments for free. Hopefully I’ll get to type your name on the Everest Poker Leaderboard so you can brag to all your friends about it next Monday when you check back!