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Even odds on Pattaya getting a legal Togel Singapore casino

Government “insiders” have given their backing to a proposal for a casino in Pattaya, says Saen Suk municipality mayor Somchai Khunpluem.

Better known as Kamnan Poh, the former kamnan is an influential local and the father of Tourism and Sports Minister Sonthaya Khunpluem who supports the plan.

Mr Somchai, casino proposal scrutiny panel chairman Yuwarat Kamolvej and Royal Bangkok Sports Club director Anothai Uthensut were speaking during a debate, “Will Pattaya Have a Casino?” at a local hotel yesterday.

The mayor said it was certain Pattaya would get a casino though no-one in the government dared admit it publicly for fear of resistance and losing support.

The casino would cost about 20 billion baht from Singaporean, Australian and Hong Kong investors.

In the first 3-5 years, the casino would be run at the Ambassador City Jomtien hotel, which is near the town, has up to 5,000 rooms and big parking lots.

The hotel would be offered one million baht a day as leasing fee but it had to reserve 50% of rooms for casino customers.

“No official agreement has been reached yet on leasing fees because the hotel earns up to 600 million baht a year and may ask for higher fees. Further talks must be held.

“After that, a 25-year leasing contract might be drawn up or the investors might find a new location.

“But it is sure that Thai people are not ready to have their own Togel Singapore casino business since they cannot afford to pay very high protection fees,” he said.

Mr Anothai supported the plan, saying Thailand was ready to have legal casinos as they would create jobs and generate revenue for the country.

Mr Yuwarat said laws were needed to regulate casinos. However, the emergence of legal casinos would not lead to fewer gambling …

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Sbobet Card Player Cruises Western Caribbean Trip Report

Do you love to play poker, eat good food, see the sites of the world, and be able to spend quality time with your friends and loved ones while the kids are having a ball? Of course you do! No, you have not died and gone to Heaven, this all takes place on earth and we have just the trip for you A Card Player Cruises poker vacation! We have a fantastic team assembled and guaranteed to make your cruising experience one to remember and repeat time and time again. It doesn’t matter if you don’t yet play poker as WSOP champion Linda Johnson holds a beginners class so you don’t have to play with the big boys and girls if you don’t want to. After the class, we will spread a beginner game for newbies only! I have just written a short piece on our last trip, which was to the Western Caribbean, to give you all an insight into the wonderful world of poker cruising. So sit back and enjoy and let’s sail away into the sunset of a future cruise together.

New Orleans was the ideal port from which to depart and the partying was in full swing long before the start of the recent seven-day adventure on The Card Player Cruise to the Western Caribbean. Many passengers took the opportunity to spend a little time in the Big Easy prior to boarding the Celebration on Sept. 10th. There was so much to see and do in New Orleans: gawking at the sights on Bourbon Street, riding the trolley cars, sampling Creole cuisine, shopping, and listening to the jazz selections from many local bars. Laissez les bon temps rouler!

After settling into their Sbobet cabins and exploring the ship, several hundred cruisers got together for the first …

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Net Entertainment Releases Four New UFABET Java Video Pokers  

Swedish software developer Net Entertainment releases four new video pokers to its already extensive suite of Java casino games. The new games namely; All American Poker, Jokers Wild, Classic Jacks or Better and Double Bonus Poker will all be multi denomination games, making them the natural choice for any kind of poker player. The four new video pokers all have stunning graphics, fast and easy game play and the easy-to-use interface that Net Entertainment games are reknowned for.

” -We are very excited to launch these new video poker games. The attractive pay tables will be very much appreciated by the players” said Pontus Lindwall, CEO of Net Entertainment.

The new games will be found at as per the 10:th of May.

Net Entertainment is one of the worlds leading suppliers of digital platform independent gaming and leisure solutions. Net Entertainment offers customized or standard software, integrated payment solutions, operations and hosting.

Diamond Releases Jackpot Jamba Progressive 5-Reel Slot and 3-Hand Ride ‘M Poker

Diamond Digital Systems, a leading provider of Internet gaming software, today released Jackpot Jamba, the second in its new line of exciting 5-reel 9-line slots and Ride ‘m Poker, a table card game which allows multi-hand play. The games were simultaneously released in both Diamond’s Java-based browser and Win32 download client formats, and complement the company’s many existing table, video poker, keno and slot games.

“With Jackpot Jamba, we have added a progressive UFABET Jackpot to our already incredibly popular 5-reel slot with second screen bonus game format. This, together with completely new game logic, results in a different feel to our previous 5-reel slot release, Monkey Money. Ride ‘m Poker is the first release of our new multi-hand technology – players can enjoy up to three simultaneous hands of this exciting table game, with …

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ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล

The Unwritten ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Rules

In poker, as in life, there are many unwritten rules that govern play. It would be wise to acquaint yourself with them. Here they are, in no particular order.

The Kings Rule: If a player shall be dealt pocket kings, the flop will automatically include an ace. If no ace is available, the flop shall consist of three cards of either suit not present in the players hand or three cards in succession too low to reach the king for a straight at which point the dufus in seat 3 shall begin to drool and giggle.

The Dufus Rule: If a dufus is present at your table, he will be involved in every hand you choose to play. He will catch every runner in hands led by you. He will cheerfully give away your money to every other player on the table, along with large quantities of his own. He will consistently call you by names not belonging to you. He will explain his logic in chasing you down as he is stacking chips recently in your possession. As he pays the waitress for his drinks he will announce, each and every time, “this one’s on Bob over there” while firing a wink in your direction.

The All In Rule: Any player who decides to wait “one more hand” before re-buying chips, and consequently goes all-in before a flop, shall be dealt a straight flush on that flop. The player shall be forced to watch the six way action after the board pairs.

The Queens Rule: Any player in a no limit tournament, who has shown great patience through two hours of 3/8 off, shall be dealt pocket queens. If there are 3 calls before he is to act, he shall go all in. The player to his immediate left, …

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Laying a Situs Judi Online Bet on the NFL

The National Football League regular season starts this Sunday, so we thought it would be a good idea to showcase three sportsbooks that will take your gridiron bets.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction has all the moneyline and over/under bets for the NFL Week 1 action, which includes Tampa Bay at Dallas, the New York Giants at Denver, and Chicago at last year’s Super Bowl champs Baltimore.

Punters can also find lines on most other sports, including baseball, basketball, horse racing, hockey, and snooker. You can even lay odds on whether Prince Charles will marry Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Bettors can get the latest scores and news on their favorite teams at SportsInteraction, and choose from either Las Vegas or European-style odds.

Sport Interaction is offering a 10% bonus on all deposits until September 10, so be sure to take advantage of that. Sport Interaction is the first online sports wagering site to be licensed in North America and accepts Visa, MasterCard, FirePay, and PayPal.


Canbet is one of Australia’s oldest and largest legal online Toto SGP sportsbooks. The site is government regulated, and offers Vegas and European odds. Punters can choose from a range of sports, including baseball, football, and soccer, and can check scores for all major sports for the past week.

Players can wager in U.S., Canadian, or Australian dollars, as well as Euros and pounds sterling. Betting limits are $10,000 on NFL sides and $2,000 on NFL totals. Canbet accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Neteller.

The Big Book

Punters can choose from all their favorite sports at The Big Book, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and even martial arts. There’s a scrolling scoreboard that you can add to your desktop, and the latest handicapping information is available on the Links page.

The Big Book offers some great …

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Judi Bola

Winners Playground Judi Bola Casino – Review

Update December 25, 2001 – Winners Playground has been unresponsive lately to both customers and portal operators. Delays in paying out winnings also appear to be a problem.

Players should in the future be wary of support at this casino. The operator was given a number of opportunities to clear the air regarding various Judi Bola queries, and those opportunities went begging until told of an impending warning to be placed on this review, whereupon the operator tried to lay the blame elsewhere – manager on long trips, Got2Bet unable to deliver any customers, etc.

This review is left up so that this warning can be seen. It’s a pity that what could have been a very good operation turned into a very mediocre one. All links to the casino, however, are removed, and ratings reassigned.

Original review July 1, 2001 – The Nation of Celebration – or a nation of winners, I suspect – that’s the phrase used by Winners Playground to promote their new casino.

Now I don’t know about you, but the allure of being able to play at a Winners Playground (as opposed to a regular playground, where it gets kinda boring being the biggest guy around) was just too good to resist. As a real example, when I go to my usual haunt in Vegas, I am the one placing the biggest bets – and it’s no fun to be surrounded by dollar blackjack players when you want to play $50 or $100 per bet… needless to say I have decided that my next trip be to someplace like Caesars, Bellagio or the like.

So off I went in search of a gaming paradise. Having not played at a Realtime Gaming (RTG) for sometime, the first shock I received was the sight of …

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Situs Judi Online

Comings and Goings Situs Judi Online in South Korea

After 135 caps, and spells in charge of the Under-20 and Under-23 national teams, Hong Myong-bo is now the head coach of the South Korean senior side. The charismatic captain of the 2002 semi-final reaching squad, the ex-defender was always going to become the main man, it was just a question of when.


It is now. He has a lot of work to do. With less than a year to the World Cup he has to take a team that struggled and stumbled along the road to Brazil and turn it into a Taeguk Warriors machine that can get past the group stage in South America. Fans believe and the KFA hopes that he can do it. After all, he led the Under-20s to the last eight at the 2009 World Cup and more famously, brought home the bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics.


Choi goes home


After 18 months of mild torture, some for the fans but mostly for the man himself, Choi Kang-hee has returned to his true love Jeonbuk Motors. The former international defender was appointed under duress in December 2011 and always planned to return Situs Judi Online to Jeonju at the end of qualification. That was achieved on June 18 by the narrowest of goal difference margins. Fans were not sorry to see Choi leave and the KFA made no effort to persuade him otherwise. The football had not been great and the results were just enough. In the end, both sides were relieved to part ways.


He returned to a Jeonbuk team struggling. The team’s previous two games had seen a remarkable 4-1 defeat suffered at home to the low-scoring Busan I’Park and then came a wild 5-4 loss at rivals Suwon. Choi had planned a week’s holiday after the …

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Two Facecards Take a Beating on the Button

The Internet can be a great place to practice your tournament skills in small buy-in events in preparation for playing a big buy-in tournament either online or in a brick-and-mortar casino. Since I play lots of online events, my mailbag is filled with letters from cyber players seeking how-to advice on tournament strategy. In this column, I am transforming one of those letters into a quiz format that I hope will make the player’s scenario and my analysis of his play educational as well as entertaining.


Online player Craig was playing a $22 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament against 230 opponents. After plowing his way through the field, he made it to the final table with an average chip stack. With only six players left to compete for the gold and the glory, Craig was in fourth place with approximately $28,000. The chip leader was sitting to his left with about $40,000. The blinds were $600-$1,200 with a $125 ante when he met an untimely demise.


“I was on the button with a suited Q-J,” Craig began. “Everyone passed to me. The big blind hadn’t been defending his blinds often, and the small blind (the chip leader) seemed to have tightened up his play, waiting for a few more people to get eliminated before making a move. Neither player had seen a flop for several rounds.”


How Would You Play This Hand Before the Flop?

  1. Fold to preserve your chip count


  1. Just call the size of the big blind


  1. Raise to try to knock out the blinds and win the pot


Here’s How Craig Played 

“Although Q-J suited isn’t a big hand, I felt that a raise was in order to try to pick up the blinds and antes. I raised to $3,600, three …

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George’s Lipoqq Premiership Predictions

The Premiership reaches its final Saturday with only one real issue to be settled. Who is going down to the Championship with already relegated Burnley and QPR.


The odds are on Hull City to join them as they need to get something out of their last home game with Manchester United.


Manager Steve Bruce has not enjoyed much Lipoqq success against his former club and with a clearly out-of-sorts West Ham United the visitors at Newcastle, it would seem the Magpies are going to survive at the expense of the Tigers.


Sunderland have survived and will take their foot off the pedal to lose at Chelsea, Man City should beat Southampton and Stoke to beat Liverpool.


Saturday, 23 May 2015


Arsenal 2 v West Brom 0

Aston Villa 1 v Burnley 1

Chelsea 2 v Sunderland 0

Crystal Palace 2 v Swansea 1

Everton 2 v Tottenham 1

Hull 1 v Man Utd 3

Leicester 2 v QPR 1

Man City 3 v Southampton 2

Newcastle 0 v West Ham 0

Stoke 2 v Liverpool 0


PNE Clear Favs – Little To Separate Other Play-Off Finalists


Preston North End will start this weekend’s League One play-off final as clear favourites, whilst bet365 are finding it tougher to separate the teams in the Championship/League Two Wembley showpieces.


bet365’s Steve Freeth “The twin threat of Garner and Beckford are more than capable of causing havoc at Wembley, but Mark Cooper’s easy on the eye outfit will fancy their chances of extending Preston’s poor play-off record.”


Preston are also fancied to be the top scoring side over the three play-off clashes with Norwich v Middlesbrough rated at 13/8 to be the highest scoring game and bet365 quoting 11/10 about any final being decided by …

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Qq Online

Governor Getting Gangwon Into Qq Online Gear



Gangwon Governor Kim Jin-son


For as long as anyone can remember, Gangwon Province has been a great place to visit. Millions of cars head east from Seoul every summer for the beaches and the mountains; millions more do the same in the winter for the skiing. Autumn isn’t bad either when Seorak Mountain comes into its own in a kaleidoscope of color. Throw in Chuncheon’s famous chicken dish and a strong shout of hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics and you have a region with a good deal going for it.


The one thing that has been missing is Qq Online football. Since the K-League was established in 1983, the competition has spread to include all the regions and the major cities of South Korea; even Jeju Island has a team. Gangwon has been left behind but that is all set to change. From 2009, the northeastern province, the only one split into two at the end of the Korean War in 1953, will provide the home of the K-League’s 15th team.


“Gangwon Province has traditionally been a province that loves football very much and we are establishing the club for the pride of Gangwon,” Kim Jin-son, the Governor of Gangwon Province told me at the Lotte Hotel in downtown Seoul.


“We have produced many good national team players who were very famous at the 2002 World Cup, for example Seol Ki-hyeon, Lee Young-pyo and Lee Eul-young and we take great pride in them and our football. Football can energise and promote our province.”


The new Gangwon team will be the fifth civic-owned club in the league and, in the words, of Governor Kim, intends to follow the model set by Incheon United which formed in 2004. Presumably he wasn’t talking about the example …

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