Resizable tables at เเทงหวยออนไลน์

Those of you who were railing that 1k tournament on เเทงหวยออนไลน์ hard enough may have seen Lee Jones mention something about implementing resizable tables in the chat box. They didn’t update their software, but it shouldn’t be to long. Someone on two plus two emailed pokerstars about it a few days ago and got this response:
New layout in the works
I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m tired of this orange/blue three column layout. I’ve been working on a new layout for the past few days which should be sick. It’s pretty simple looking but filled with a bunch of cool features. I should have it up by tomorrow night.
The new layout’s going to be two columns this time. Authors are still going to have their own blogs, but it will be displayed with their user name on top and a link to their individual RSS feed. So if you want to updated on when a certain user posts, just add their feed to whatever feed reader you use. Or you can register to the whole sites feed from a link in the footer.
I finally figured out how to do automatic avatars! You won’t have to manually add them in this time, and you can change them whenever you want from the user panel. The avatars are automatically re-sized to 50×50.
Another cool feature is categorized archives. I sorted all 100 and something posts on this site into different categories, so now you’ll be able to browse by date, author, and category. The default category is poker, but Bloggers can specify other ones for their posts.
I’m getting rid of the chat box for good this time. Sorry, but it has to be done. It’s to much work to keep up with and it’s rarely used. …

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Refuse to Lose $100 – Toto HK

Maybe it was just a tad unhealthy. Maybe it was mildly crazy.
With one day to go before the official weigh-in of the weight-loss bet, I was 214 and still had to lose two pounds. There was no way I was going to give away $100. I had already been miserable all week, eating healthy and pretty much avoiding carbs, plus running every day. I barely had any energy to run – it’s amazing how different you can feel based on diet. Anyway, on Thursday, I had a grand total of two wheat thins, eight carrots, and a piece of cheese. It was brutal – hungry, no energy, headache. And just a bit delirious – I’m pretty sure I saw god in my dreams – I’m not sure if I was asleep or awake at the time. I might have joined a fight club without my knowing it too. Then on Friday I woke up early and tried to go for a three mile run, but didn’t even make it two miles, walking the rest of the way. I knew I was in trouble when I noticed I wasn’t running in a straight line, more like a drunk trying to walk.
Before I went to work, I stopped by the ATM just in case. Then I went to the convenience store and bought poptarts, a banana, a frappuccino, and a water. I could hardly wait – but I had to. When I got in, I weighed myself. It had to be 212.6 or less. And it was…208.8 – whoa. I had lost five pounds in one day. Maybe I went a little overboard. Oh, those Toto HK were sweet – best unhealthy breakfast food ever. And I gorged myself the rest of the day too. I probably gained the five …

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Homegame sbo Hooliganism

Some people say scent can inspire more memories than sight.
My entire kitchen smelled like plastic. The baby and wife were gone. The dog was disinterested. And my new Copags had arrived. I played heads up against myself and lost.
My entire kitchen smelled like plastic and the smell was leeching into the living room. All I needed was an excuse and at least five other people.
The smell of plastic was the excuse.
Two hours later, BadBlood asked what he sbo could bring. I said a twelve-pack. His one-word (“Done”) answer didn’t at all indicate what would happen later. Even when G-Rob asked if I needed beer and I said, “Blood is bringing some, but bring more,” I didn’t really think much of it.
But then G-Rob walked in with a giant bottle of tequila.
There was a time (and a time not too long ago, and a time I think I’ve mentioned several times here) during which I would drink nothing more than Diet Mountain Dew while playing cards. I’d further hype myself up with Sweet-Tarts or Spree. Those were the days when winning or losing $50 was a big deal.
The play itself (mine especially) was unremarkable. I lost two buy-ins, all of it on two hands. The Mark made a still unbelieveable call for all of my chips (a substantial sum at that point, but he still had me covered) with an open-ended straight draw. Then I made an ill-timed semi-bluff (that turned out to be less than a semi bluff and left me with one out) against G-Rob. Other than that, I flopped a set against Blood once and those were the only hands of note for me.
In the post below this one, G-Rob chronicles the highlights of the night (my proudest moment is …

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The Proven Best bandar slot pulsa Training Books of All Time

bandar slot pulsa is easy to play, difficult to win at, and downright tricky to turn a profit at. For those players looking to go from amateur to profitable, it is hard to know where to start. Well, that’s just what this list is for! Below are the top six best poker training books you will find on the market. Most players do not take the time to read or study other’s methods. Those who do, and especially those who read quality books like the idman Azərbaycan ones listed below, are the ones who turn profits.

  1. Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players, Slansky, Malmuth

peluang menang game kartu judi poker online hanya bersama kami poker369 yang mendapatkan sertifikat resmi.
The opening line in this book’s summary is: “Texas Hold ’em is not an easy game to play well.” Well, that’s true! Originally published in 1988, this book changed the poker scene forever. It’s teachings and instructions are likely known by many players today who have never read the book, simply because of how far this book penetrated the scene. In 1999, Slansky and Malmuth revisited the book and updated it for today’s game. You don’t want to miss it.

  1. Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold ‘Em, Cloutier, McEvoy

T.J. Cloutier, one of the early road gamblers similar to Doyle Brunson, has cashed at the WSOP 55 times. Not surprisingly, you’ll find his name in the Poker Hall of Fame; he was inducted in 2006. In this book, he joins up with Tom McEvoy (four WSOP bracelets) to write about tournaments, and how to become a champion. Cloutier, it is worth noting, has won more recorded poker tournaments than anyone else in history. His advice is verifiably excellent.

  1. Caro’s Book of Poker Tells, Caro

In the world of poker books, this …

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Schildy1984 wins keluaran hk WCOOP Event 28

This year’s World Championship of Online keluaran hk is in full swing at PokerStars, with players from around the globe competing for awesome prize pools in exciting tournaments. We’re fast-approaching the halfway mark of the series, so a huge amount of cash has already been won but, more importantly, there’s also a lot of it up for grabs. Event 28 wrapped up earlier this week, and the lucky winner to walk away with the number one spot was Schildy1984 of Austria, who received $206,280 for a job well done.

The World Championship of Online Poker is pretty much exactly what the name suggests. It can be seen as the internet’s answer to the World Series of Poker, and the PokerStars hosted series is by far and away the largest such online series around. This 2011 series boasts a massive combined guaranteed prize pool of $30,000,000, which is much larger than many were expecting given the withdrawal of PokerStars from the US market. The combined prize pool is spread over 62 events this year, which offer a great variety so players of any game should be able to find a tournament they’ll love.

Event 28 was one of the more standard formats, a simple No Limit Holdem tournament with no surprises. The buy-in was respectable at $1,000, and 1146 players decided to register and take their shot at the money. This many contestants lead to an almost doubling of the prizepool from its guaranteed $600,000 to the final figure of $1,146,000, to be divided among the top 135 players, with the winner allocated over $200,000. The event dragged on over two days before finally finishing less than an hour into September 15th.

After nearly two days of grueling button clicking and close decisions, the tournament got down to just three entrants, …

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Elheroe wins Full Tilt Poker 신규 꽁머니 XIV Event 8

The FTOPS are among us and tournament players are lining up by the thousands to take part in the events. 신규 꽁머 XIV Event 8 was no exception.  The 6-handed NLHE Knockout event saw 4,639 players put up $240+$16 to register and play for their share of a $927,800 prize pool.  Shaun Deeb, Peter Traply, Steve Merrifield, and 489 others won a piece of the huge prize pool.

The final table set-up as follows:

Seat 1 – lolli82 (3,887,530)

Seat 2 – elheroe (4,800,786)

Seat 3 – nirvanakc (5,391,457)

Seat 4 – yeza (2,985,522)

Seat 5 – Egitai (2,661,945)

Seat 6 – LilPokerGirlie (3,467,760)

Nirvanakc continued to stack chips and separate himself from the rest of the field.  He built his stack to 8,000,000 and went on to bust LilPokerGirlie with his pocket aces (LilPokerGirlie held pocket eights).  LilPokerGirlie hit the rail $27,834 richer with her sixth place finish.

Nirvanakc didn’t stop knocking his opponents out yet.  He got his pocket jacks all-in against yeza’s Ac9c.  The board ran out Js8h7d4s7c giving nirvanakc a full house and knocking Yeza out in fifth place.  His tournament was finished and he took home $40,823.20.

Another knockout attempt was made by nirvanakc when he got his AcTc all-in against elheroe’s pocket fours.  This time, however, nirvanakc was unable to best his opponent and score the knockout.  Elheroe doubled up to over three million chips.

Shortly after that hand, elheroe would double up again after lolli82 raised from the button and elheroe shoved his chips into the pot from the small blind.  The two players were racing with lolli82’s pocket jacks against elheroe’s AhKs.  Elheroe flopped his king on the Kd8d6c flop and lolli82 was unable to improve on the turn or river.  Lolli82 was knocked out in fourth place and elheroe took …

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Everest- keluar sgp Poker Leaderboards

With the start of May just a couple of days ago, it’s time for keluar sgp to start looking at a new website for their leaderboards. Every Monday I will be updating the Everest Poker Leaderboard right here on FlopTurnRiver. With that being said, lets take a look at what Everest Poker has to offer for their Monthly MTT’s and Weekley Sit & Go Hi/Low Tournaments.
Everest Poker rewards it’s players with a program called Summit Points. For each $1 in tournament entry fees, for both single and multi-table
tournaments, you earn 8 Summit Points. There’s even no limit for how many Summit Points you can earn for every tournament.

Summit Points can be redeemed for entries into real money tournaments and can even be used to play at their “Points for Points” tables and tournaments.

Let’s take a look at the prize payouts for each of these tournaments…

Weekly Sit & Go High Tournaments

1st place – 80,000 Summit Points
2nd place – 40,000 Summit Points
3rd place – 20,000 Summit Points
4th place – 10,000 Summit Points
5th – 10th place – 7,500 Summit Points

Weekly Sit & Go Low Tournaments

1st place – 15,000 Summit Points
2nd place – 10,000 Summit Points
3rd place – 7,500 Summit Points
4th place – 5,000 Summit Points
5th – 10th place – 2,000 Summit Points

Monthly Multi-Table Tournaments

1st place – 160,000 Summit Points
2nd place – 80,000 Summit Points
3rd place – 40,000 Summit Points
4th place – 20,000 Summit Points
5th – 10th place – 15,000 Summit Points

With all these Summit Points being given away, there is a great potential at Everest Poker to not only get recognition in the online poker world,
but also an outstanding opportunity to get to play in some tournaments for free. …

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Video Poker

A video poker machine deals you five cards. You decide which you want to keep and which you want to discard. Once you’re dealt replacement cards for your discards, you win if you have any of the traditional poker hands shown in the paytable printed on the machine. Of course, the rarer the hand, the more you’re paid. Below is a paytable for a common variety of VP, Jacks or Better.

peluang menang game kartu hanya bersama kami poker369 yang mendapatkan sertifikat resmi.

Video poker is similar to slot machines in that you play by yourself at a machine, and that you can win a lot of money on just one bet. The return on video poker is usually much better than slots, usually over 98%, but that requires that you play the proper strategy, AND that you hit the Royal Flush, which accounts for about as much 5% of the overall return, depending on the style of VP you’re playing. Since you’ll only hit the Royal Flush once every 40,000 or so hands (several days of continuous play), playing without getting it reduces your return to something similar to that of slots, maybe even less.

Unlike slots in which the return for a given machine isn’t usually known, the return for Video Poker can be ascertained by looking at the pay table for the สล็อตออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง machine. For example, the machine above is called a “9/6” Jacks or Better machine because it pays 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a flush. The return in a 9/6 machine is 99.54% with property strategy. An 8/5 machine returns 97.3%. Remember, this includes about 5% for the Royal Flush which you probably won’t hit unless you play for several days, and another 5% for the Four of a Kind …

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Full-Tilt- result hk Leaderboards – Current Leaders October 25th

We’re coming in to the last part of month, so its time to take a look at how the Full Tilt Leaderboards are shaping up.
If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for today’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here: October 25th Leaderboard Results

Current October 25th Top Ten MTT Leaders

1 sprstoner 13333.30
2 JUMP PUTT 9120.60
3 kaffeesatz33 8557.60
4 DimJarnaby35 7153.90
6 dinkydoofus 6720.50
7 OtherSense 6216.40
8 jbock034 6014.10
9 daisyxoxo 5974.60
10 ChicagoAPA 5188.40

Top Ten regular sprstoner leads the way this month, with an impressive lead over the rest of the field. After starting the month off with a win in the $24 buyin $27.5K Guarantee worth $6,257, he recorded an outstanding result in the $80K Guaranteed $163 rebuy on 10/05. A first place finish on that Sunday netted sprstoner a payday of $58,425 and landed him firmly at the top of the leaderboard.

JUMP PUTT has put in a solid month as well, with good results in the $75 45-player SNGs. However, his month is highlighted by a 2nd place finish in the Sunday Mulligan, a score that netted him a cool $29,000 on 10/12.

Kaffeesatz33 rounds out the top three with a very good showing in the multi-table result hk, in addition to several 4-figure scores this month. Most recently, a win in the $20K Guarantee $55 rebuy was worth $5,700.

Current October 25th Top Ten SNG Leaders – High Limit

1 Whitesnake1 26060.80
2 PokerToronto 24803.20
3 whatanuisance 24056.90
4 sweeetdreeeam 19958.90
5 asiangravy 17994.20
6 moneyinthebank1 12967.10
7 jeppg1111 …

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Full-Tilt-Poker Leaderboards – October Final Standings

Halloween has come and gone, and the final results are in for the Full Tilt Leaderboard races for October. This month, we had a blowout in the MTT standings, while the SNG races were much closer.
If you’d like to follow the FTP Leaderboard results, FlopTurnRiver archives the results daily on the Full Tilt network page. You can find it here: Leaderboard-Calendar by scrolling down to the leaderboard section and choosing a day to view. Also, for September’s complete standings (top 250 in all three categories) click here: October 31st Leaderboard Results.
October Top Ten MTT Final Standings

1 sprstoner 16934.10
2 JUMP PUTT 9997.20
3 kaffeesatz33 8951.80
5 DimJarnaby35 7966.00
6 dinkydoofus 7586.90
7 daisyxoxo 7391.20
8 SirBanks 7258.60
9 epokerounder 6987.40
10 bethwolf22 6977.60
sSprstoner closed out a spectacular month by increasing his lead and winning the MTT Leaderboard by a wide margin. Highlights for the last week of the month include winning the $75 buyin Pot Limit Omaha $6K Guarantee not once but twice, on 10/26 and again on 10/30. Congratulations to sprstoner for taking down the top spot this month.
JUMP PUTT and kaffeesatz33 hold steady and close out in 2nd and 3rd place this month, holding on to their spots from last week. crypto gambling managed a few final tables during the final week to take over the 4th spot from DimJarnaby35.
SirBanks moes up from 14th last week to crack the Top Ten for the month. He finished 2nd in the the $55 1 rebuy, 1 add-on $18.5K Guaranteed tournament on 10/26 for $3,638. He also showed several wins in the $75 45-player SNGs to finish the month with a very solid week.
Daisyxoxo also moves up to close out the month, jumping from 9th to finish 7th on the strength …

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