Resizable tables at เเทงหวยออนไลน์

Those of you who were railing that 1k tournament on เเทงหวยออนไลน์ hard enough may have seen Lee Jones mention something about implementing resizable tables in the chat box. They didn’t update their software, but it shouldn’t be to long. Someone on two plus two emailed pokerstars about it a few days ago and got this response:
New layout in the works
I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m tired of this orange/blue three column layout. I’ve been working on a new layout for the past few days which should be sick. It’s pretty simple looking but filled with a bunch of cool features. I should have it up by tomorrow night.
The new layout’s going to be two columns this time. Authors are still going to have their own blogs, but it will be displayed with their user name on top and a link to their individual RSS feed. So if you want to updated on when a certain user posts, just add their feed to whatever feed reader you use. Or you can register to the whole sites feed from a link in the footer.
I finally figured out how to do automatic avatars! You won’t have to manually add them in this time, and you can change them whenever you want from the user panel. The avatars are automatically re-sized to 50×50.
Another cool feature is categorized archives. I sorted all 100 and something posts on this site into different categories, so now you’ll be able to browse by date, author, and category. The default category is poker, but Bloggers can specify other ones for their posts.
I’m getting rid of the chat box for good this time. Sorry, but it has to be done. It’s to much work to keep up with and it’s rarely used. …

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Refuse to Lose $100 – Toto HK

Maybe it was just a tad unhealthy. Maybe it was mildly crazy.
With one day to go before the official weigh-in of the weight-loss bet, I was 214 and still had to lose two pounds. There was no way I was going to give away $100. I had already been miserable all week, eating healthy and pretty much avoiding carbs, plus running every day. I barely had any energy to run – it’s amazing how different you can feel based on diet. Anyway, on Thursday, I had a grand total of two wheat thins, eight carrots, and a piece of cheese. It was brutal – hungry, no energy, headache. And just a bit delirious – I’m pretty sure I saw god in my dreams – I’m not sure if I was asleep or awake at the time. I might have joined a fight club without my knowing it too. Then on Friday I woke up early and tried to go for a three mile run, but didn’t even make it two miles, walking the rest of the way. I knew I was in trouble when I noticed I wasn’t running in a straight line, more like a drunk trying to walk.
Before I went to work, I stopped by the ATM just in case. Then I went to the convenience store and bought poptarts, a banana, a frappuccino, and a water. I could hardly wait – but I had to. When I got in, I weighed myself. It had to be 212.6 or less. And it was…208.8 – whoa. I had lost five pounds in one day. Maybe I went a little overboard. Oh, those Toto HK were sweet – best unhealthy breakfast food ever. And I gorged myself the rest of the day too. I probably gained the five …

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Homegame sbo Hooliganism

Some people say scent can inspire more memories than sight.
My entire kitchen smelled like plastic. The baby and wife were gone. The dog was disinterested. And my new Copags had arrived. I played heads up against myself and lost.
My entire kitchen smelled like plastic and the smell was leeching into the living room. All I needed was an excuse and at least five other people.
The smell of plastic was the excuse.
Two hours later, BadBlood asked what he sbo could bring. I said a twelve-pack. His one-word (“Done”) answer didn’t at all indicate what would happen later. Even when G-Rob asked if I needed beer and I said, “Blood is bringing some, but bring more,” I didn’t really think much of it.
But then G-Rob walked in with a giant bottle of tequila.
There was a time (and a time not too long ago, and a time I think I’ve mentioned several times here) during which I would drink nothing more than Diet Mountain Dew while playing cards. I’d further hype myself up with Sweet-Tarts or Spree. Those were the days when winning or losing $50 was a big deal.
The play itself (mine especially) was unremarkable. I lost two buy-ins, all of it on two hands. The Mark made a still unbelieveable call for all of my chips (a substantial sum at that point, but he still had me covered) with an open-ended straight draw. Then I made an ill-timed semi-bluff (that turned out to be less than a semi bluff and left me with one out) against G-Rob. Other than that, I flopped a set against Blood once and those were the only hands of note for me.
In the post below this one, G-Rob chronicles the highlights of the night (my proudest moment is …

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BUSTING rtp online FEHLJIGLOP (Part 2)


I was already having a pretty good trip and had just added a fairly nice buzz. I’d done OK at the $500max NL game that afternoon, then busted in a tourney, then bought in for $1000 at the $2/$5NL table. The one good rtp online thing about Caesars, the players are just as bad but the buyins are bigger. It’s good vibes all around.

I was up about $400 at that table when a very excited Otis sidled up to my left. You can tell when Otis is excited because his eyes go wide. Really wide. At the moment, I had a full 3d panorama of his entire eye sphere. Very good or very bad news coming…


“Blood’s table is getting silly,” he mumbled in typical Otis understatement, “5 very drunk Norweigans just sat down with gigantic piles of money.”

I was off in a shot to get a table change.

“I need to move to table 1,” I said to the man with the mic. He was obviously perterbed by my request because, for the length of my sentance he was unable to hear the sound of his own voice.

“That game’s only 1/2,” he said.

“Yeah, I know, and I don’t want to play 1/2 UNLESS it’s AT THAT TABLE!” I yelled, not meaning to scream but too excited to care.

By then I’d already cased Blood’s game.


There was a short, almost childlike Norweigian in the 1 seat. He had long uncombed blonde hair and about $1000 in chips. He called every preflop raise but never raised. He saw every flop and hit almost none.

The 2 seat was a much larger man, who once quizzed me on the great cities of Norway. It slowed him down when I named the country’s …

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Luckbox’s Bradoween slothoki Experience


It was supposed to be a relatively quick tourney. Just a couple of hours to decide who would wear the crown of Bradoween Open champion.

Seven grueling hours later, we finally had a winner. And it was all worth it!!!

The Open included a Mt. Willis-record field of 33 players. The $660 prize pool was also a Mt. Willis record. The mix of players included those who learned how to play poker in the preceding 24 hours and those who have played for years.

My tournament came down to a pair.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. There were slothoki four women in the tourney, and three of them drew seats at my table. That may have given me a slight advantage except the quality at my table turned out to be pretty high.

Of the original eight at our table, 7 made it to the final 24, 5 made it to the final 16 and three of us lasted to the final four!

Going around the table, starting with myself, it looked like this:

CJ, Reilly, Marty, David, Kelly, Tracy, Dusty, Stephanie

The only ones at this table I had played with before were Dusty and Tracy, and that was just once. I knew Dusty was an unpredictable player, but he knew what he was doing. Tracy would also prove to be tough, lasting longer than any other female player, and close to the final table.

I played pretty tight to start, relying on strong hands to take some pots. I split the first pot with Dusty when 3 Kings and a Jack hit the board and we were both holding an Ace. I won the second pot when my Ace paired the board.

From there, I stole a pot or two, and managed to build …

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The Proven Best bandar slot pulsa Training Books of All Time

bandar slot pulsa is easy to play, difficult to win at, and downright tricky to turn a profit at. For those players looking to go from amateur to profitable, it is hard to know where to start. Well, that’s just what this list is for! Below are the top six best poker training books you will find on the market. Most players do not take the time to read or study other’s methods. Those who do, and especially those who read quality books like the idman Azərbaycan ones listed below, are the ones who turn profits.

  1. Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players, Slansky, Malmuth

peluang menang game kartu judi poker online hanya bersama kami poker369 yang mendapatkan sertifikat resmi.
The opening line in this book’s summary is: “Texas Hold ’em is not an easy game to play well.” Well, that’s true! Originally published in 1988, this book changed the poker scene forever. It’s teachings and instructions are likely known by many players today who have never read the book, simply because of how far this book penetrated the scene. In 1999, Slansky and Malmuth revisited the book and updated it for today’s game. You don’t want to miss it.

  1. Championship No Limit & Pot Limit Hold ‘Em, Cloutier, McEvoy

T.J. Cloutier, one of the early road gamblers similar to Doyle Brunson, has cashed at the WSOP 55 times. Not surprisingly, you’ll find his name in the Poker Hall of Fame; he was inducted in 2006. In this book, he joins up with Tom McEvoy (four WSOP bracelets) to write about tournaments, and how to become a champion. Cloutier, it is worth noting, has won more recorded poker tournaments than anyone else in history. His advice is verifiably excellent.

  1. Caro’s Book of Poker Tells, Caro

In the world of poker books, this …

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Self-Delusional Professional Tweeters


I almost don’t even have to write any text. This screenshot says it all.

But I will write a little bit about it.

From a business and marketing perspective, when someone with 231 followers promises that for a measly $15 they’ll

follow you

get you 2500 followers

send your Tweet to 1 MILLION of possible customers

retweet one of your messages

What a freaking amazing deal is that? Who could resist that?

For one thing, they already followed me, and for free even.

For another, they don’t even have $15 to spend on themselves? Skip a couple of 6-packs and invest in your business? Skip a PPV WWE show? Whatever it takes, invest something into your own business and demonstrate some confidence in your method.

Not sure where the 1 MILLION of possible customers for the paid Tweet will come from, but I guess if all 231 of their followers had 231 followers and each of them had 19 followers, it could work if they all followed the pyramid plan and RT that tweet. But all of them would be bots or some other form of non-customer to get that RT sent from each of them.

Anyway, just for giggles, that’s what you see when you get one of those amazing super offers on Twitter. To translate this content in other language, contact Translation Companies UK


Impartial Statements for Income

After seeing several thousand memes based on some random spiritual or intellectual iconic figure offering us all a vision of a glorious future, I decided to mention this simple thought for the day.
Beware advice given by people who make a living off of giving advice.

Unless you signed a contract and know exactly what you’re paying for.

If someone gives away “FREE” advice, yet lives off of …

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Weekend Tournament Wrap-Up

The Tournament Report is back after a couple week hiatus. Online poker tournaments have continued to thrive in our absence, with prize pools and guarantees being upped across the board. There was also some big new this week as PokerStars announced the schedule for the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker. The 38-event, 114-tournament, mega-series begins on May 6th. For those unfamiliar with SCOOP, the series has 38 events, each with three different tournaments of varying buy-in levels. This allows players of all bankroll levels to compete in SCOOP events. For example, event number one has $27, $215, and $2,100 buy-ins. Players could play in one, two, or all three buy-in levels if they choose to do so.
As for this week’s events, all six of our majors had nice turnouts. It seems the iPoker Sunday $200k has made a nice comeback, and is now consistently surpassing its $200,000 guarantee. Party Poker and Bwin also had a large amount of players in their biggest event, with each site gaining more than 1,200 players. Last but not least, PokerStars continued to rule the online tournament scene, as they had the three biggest events of the weekend. The Sunday Million nearly reached the $1,500,000 prize pool mark, and the Sunday500 crept even closer to its pre-Black Friday guarantee of $500,000. The final table results of all the events can be found below:Online poker tournaments again saw an uptick in attendance, as some of the biggest 먹튀사이트 fields of 2012 were amassed yesterday. With sites like PokerStars, Bwin, and iPoker all having great days, it seems online tournaments have fully recovered from last year’s crackdown on online poker. For the most part, all major events are back near (or even exceeding) their entrant and prize pool numbers from a year ago. Even with …

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How to Buy a Home with Transfer Agent Cash

A mortgage is one of those things that we tend to just assume is a part of growing up. After all, homes are expensive. How could you possible afford to buy a home without taking out a mortgage? Well, there are people who do it. And they aren’t just all rich! In this quick article, I’ll show you how they do it!
Save money by living on a single income
The key to being able to buy a home without a mortgage is saving up enough to be able to pay for it in cash. That might sound like a totally insane idea for anyone who isn’t a billionaire. But it is possible. If you’re like most couples, both you and your spouse or partner are working. Rather than living a lifestyle that requires both incomes, live as if only one of you were working.
Then, immediately squirrel away every single cent of the second income. Depending on how much that income is and how much the house you buy costs, you’ll have enough within a few years.
Sounds great in principle, right? But it also sounds impossible to put into practice. So here are a few tips for making it happen:
Sit down with your spouse and plot out a sample budget based just on one income. How much could you afford in rent? Food? Bills? Don’t make a budget based on what you currently spend but based on what you would be able to spend if you only had one income.

Now, look for a house or apartment that fits into that sample budget. If it’s really low, consider creative solutions like staying with friends, family, or renting a room in a shared apartment. Make up a grocery list based on how much you could spend on food …

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Facelift and Neck Lift – Boston – Massachusetts

Face and necklift is one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures in Dr. Davidson’s practice.

Dr. Davidson uses a variety of the latest techniques to obtain a long-lasting, natural, and rested look. These techniques are designed to minimize swelling and bruising, so that you can return to work and social activities as soon as possible. In addition to the removal of excess skin and fat, the muscles of the neck and jawline must often be re-defined as well. Because every person’s face is different, the overall plan is individualized for you.

In addition to achieving a natural appearing result, another of Dr. Davidson’s priorities is concealing surgical incisions and making them as short as possible. Accordingly, he uses his short scar face lift technique whenever possible to minimize scars behind the ears. Also you can read about “where can fillers be used on face” here

56 yr. old female underwent Face and Neck Lift with de-fatting of neck and tightening of neck tissues.
Copyright Cosmetic Surgery Boston 2001 – Facelift and Neck Lift 1
Many women and men dislike the visible signs of aging which they observe in their own faces and necks. Some people feel that they need to look younger to be competitive in the workplace.

Brow Lift – Forehead Lift – Boston – Massachusetts

The three basic types of surgery are the endoscopic lift (several small incisions), the classical or coronal forehead lift (one longer incision), and the limited incision brow lift (one incision on each side behind the hairline in the temple).

All pictures are unretouched photographs of patients operated on by Dr. Davidson. Individual results will vary. See About Our Photos.

Male Liposuction for Men – Boston – Massachussetts

In men, fat tends to accumulate in the abdomen, waist, and breasts. All …

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